City Government

What is the city council and what do they do?

The Boston City Council is a legislative body consisting of 13 councilors who create, pass, and amend local laws, and approve the budget every year. Members are elected every two years, and are composed of nine councilors who represent each district and four at-large councilors who represent the whole city. 

Find out what district you live in on this map. The red lettering is the district number. You can also search your address to find your local representatives and public resources.

The councilors serve as advocates for Bostonians, which is why it is important to make an informed decision about who you should vote for. Boston Candidate Science Survey is a resource you can use to find out more about the candidates running for city council and their positions on science-related policy issues.

Who is the mayor and what do they do?

The mayor is the head of the city government and is elected every four years. The mayor is responsible for providing leadership and setting priorities and goals for Boston and its neighborhoods. The mayor also has the power to sign ordinances passed by the City Council, manage administrative duties, and sign off on government contracts grants.  

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