City Council Candidates

Get to know your City Council candidates.

⬡ next to their name indicates a response to the Boston Candidate Science Survey

Expand the following sections to see the candidates for each district:

City Council At-Large

Michael F. Flaherty ⬡ , incumbent Councilor at-large

Althea Garrison

David Halbert ⬡

Ruthzee Louijeune ⬡

Julia Mejia ⬡ , incumbent Councilor at-large

Carla Monteiro

Erin Murphy

Bridget Nee-Walsh

District 1


Lydia Edwards ⬡ , incumbent City Councilor

District 2


Edward M. Flynn, incumbent City Councilor

District 3


Frank Baker, incumbent City Councilor

Stephen McBride

District 4


Evandro Carvalho ⬡

Brian Worrell

District 5


Ricardo Arroyo, incumbent City Councilor

John E. White ⬡

District 6


Kendra Hicks ⬡

Mary Tamer ⬡

District 7


Tania Anderson ⬡

Roy Owens Sr.

District 8


Kenzie Bok, incumbent City Councilor

District 9


Liz Breadon ⬡ , incumbent City Councilor

Michael Bianchi

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